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Information and analysis about Narendra Modi, India's prime minister since 2014, and the network of Hindu nationalist organisations around him.

Election 2014

Indian elections 2014 - a milestone in the Hindutva project? (deshi sense blog, 20 May 2014).

How the media whitewashes Modi: BJP's true colours (Praful Bidwai, Communalism Watch, 15 April 2014).

What the BJP Manifesto Doesn’t Say (Hartosh Singh Bal, Caravan Magazine, 7 April 2014).

How Modi is increasing his grip on the BJP (Bharat Bhushan, Business standard, 28 March 2014). "Modi ... is putting together a party of loyalists even before he has come to office... Anyone who seems to have the slightest chance at the hustings - from rank opportunists opposed to the party till yesterday to fading film stars - is welcome."

Who created the 'Har Har Modi' slogan - over-enthusiastic supporters or the Modi PR machine? (Truth of Gujarat, 24 March 2014). The slogan 'Har Har Modi' has caused some controversy, symbolising the extent to which the campaign looks like a personality cult. Modi claims this slogan is the creation of over-enthusiastic supporters, but the evidence suggests it was prepared by his own strategists.

The banality of evil (Nissim Mannathukkaren in The Hindu, 22 March 2014). "... a terrifyingly fascinating exercise that is right now underway in the election campaign is the trivialisation and normalisation of the Gujarat pogrom, to pave the way for the crowning of the emperor, the Vikas Purush.

A detailed analysis by Manish Dubey of the electoral arithmetic needed for the BJP to take power in 2014.

A piece by Shankar Gopalakrishnan examining why Modi's support is widespread, even amongst people who do not identify with the Sangh Parivar.

An analysis on The Hoot of Modi's changing strategies as the 2014 elections draw closer.

The language of Narendra Modi (EPW, April 2013): Nonica Datta analyses the theatre, language, stereotypes and repetition which combine to form a Modi speech.

A piece on on the Modi PR machine at election time.