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Information and analysis about Narendra Modi, India's prime minister since 2014, and the network of Hindu nationalist organisations around him.

Gujarat violence: 2002 and after

Human Rights Watch reports on the 2002 violence and state involvement, and on the subsequent intimidation and harassment of witnesses, human rights activists, and lawyers pursuing accountability.

Gujarat carnage 2002-2010 (on

Modi and Godhra - Review of Manoj Mitta's The Fiction of Fact-finding

Amnesty International Report a decade on from the riots (2012).

Report of the Concerned Citizens Tribunal (2002).

Gender and the Hindu Right: speeches from a panel meeting at the LSE (UK) including by Nishrin Jafri Hussain, daughter of Ehsaan and Zakia Jafri.

Report of the International Initiative for Justice on the systematic use of sexual violence and targetting of women during the violence (2003).

Archives of Communalism Combat.

Archives of Tehelka relating to the Gujarat violence and after, including first-hand accounts from the perpetrators.

The Wikipedia page for the violence, which is the subject of frequent conflicting edits.

Commentary and recommenations by R.B. Sreekumar focussing on the role of police and state (2012).

Tracing lives of Muslims in Gujarat post 2002, a report by ANHAD (2013).