Davinder Singh: facts, questions, and first thoughts

A decorated, trusted, J&K cop, Davinder Singh, was arrested on 11th Jan 2020 by the J&K police while accompanying two known militants and an alleged associate of theirs apparently to Chandigarh or Delhi, presumably to carry out a terrorist attack. The two militants each apparently carried a bounty of Rs. 15-20 lakh on their heads.

The arrest allegedly happened following an intercepted conversation between known militants by the J&K police. According to the J&K police, three AK-47 rifles and five grenades were also recovered from Singh's residence.

Davinder Singh is a man with a past. He is a self-confessed torturer. Most famously, he tortured Afzal Guru, who was hanged in 2013 for the 2001 Parliament Attack. Singh's own words during a subsequent interview suggest that he probably tortured many others - this was essentially his job in the SOG (special operations group) at the time. Apart from torture, he was also accused of being directly involved in terrorism. In 2004 Afzal Guru had, in writing, accused Davinder Singh of making arrangements for the parliament attack, specifically of tasking him with taking one of the attackers to Delhi and arranging his accommodation. Remarkably, Singh's possible involvement in such a major terrorist atrocity was not investigated following this accusation.


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