Is there still a Modi wave?

First the YES vote. Still many ground-level reports of adoring crowds gathering for Modi. "Big names" still jumping on the bandwagon: MJ Akbar, Andre Beteille, Swami Agnivesh and so many more. Hugely positive coverage of Modi in the media - journalists listening to him awestruck, flattered to be getting the great one's attention, unable to ruin the moment with difficult questions. Censorship of critical voices. Liberal - and some "left" - commentators still queueing up to tell us how there is nothing to fear: a Modi victory is just a part of India's transition to the next stage of its history, and the strong institutions of India's democracy will keep communal and authoritarian tendencies in check. And of course, continuing relentless activity by the Modi machine in cyberspace - constant tweeting and commenting and abusive letters to critics, filled with threats of violence and sexual violence.

Now the NO vote. A lot of people coming out with strongly critical statements - film industry workers, academics and education workers, artists, journalists... even Hindu religious men saying they will campaign against Modi on the streets of Varanasi. People doing this without fear, although they know the backlash it provokes. A huge amount of outspoken anti-Modi activity on social media, alternative media, and occasionally mainstream media (though this can quickly be erased as DNA showed). Ground-level reports of people saying they did not vote for Modi/will never vote for Modi; reports of people who claimed they voted for Modi, admitting quietly they did not! Reports of people voting tactically, against their traditional voting patterns, to keep Modi out (of course, when Muslim communities vote tactically for the strongest secular candidate the Sangh Parivar cries "communalism".) Reports the Modi steamroller has failed to break through caste and community alliances in key states like Bihar and UP. No evidence of a BJP break-through in states where communal forces are historically weak.

So what is the verdict? There may be a wave, but there is also an anti-wave of considerable strength. There are still many possible outcomes to the election. It's too early to tell which will happen, and above all it is too early to give up the fight.