Why has there been this flood of "intellectuals" jumping on the Modi bandwagon?

Reading their awkward apologies for Modi, one realises how cleverly the BJP has given liberals with communal/right-wing/power-hungry leanings a bridge to cross over to their side. We know the Parivar is patient - they follow a strategy of "spread the seeds and wait". Put your core ideas out there - let them travel far beyond your normal support-base, move the whole political discourse to the right, and wait... and reap the rewards. As they are doing now. Their reletless communalisation of society is the most obvious example of this strategy. But let's take two other favourites.

1) Nationalism. What do we do when Modi tweets "there is no place for infiltrators from Bangladesh", or states that Kejriwal has "emerged as a unique strength for Pakistan"? We may question the facts, and observe that "infiltrators from Bangladesh" is code for Bengali Muslims. We certainly see the communal nature of the images on social media of Kejriwal morphed with Osama bin Laden: Kejriwal=Muslim=terrorist. But we mostly lack the confidence to state the obvious - that there is no difference between us and Bangladeshis and Pakistanis. Or ask what an "infiltrator" is (if there are undocumented migrants from Bangladesh, in what sense are they "infiltrators"?) If we even acknowledge "Pakistani agent" as a valid term of abuse we feed the BJP fire - no other force can outdo the BJP at its own ultra-nationalist, war-mongering discourse, deeply linked with its communalism. It cannot be undermined with "I'm a better Indian than you".

2) "Congress". The Modi-machine relentlessly links "pseudo-secularism", "corruption", and "Congress" in a repetitive drum-beat on social media. In Modi's tweets and words, you quickly see that "Congress" is code simultaneously for corruption and for the idea of secular democracy. How do we criticise Modi's slogan "Congress mukt Bharat", given the corruption, opportunistic communalism (not least 1984), anti-poor measures, and various abuses of human rights (not least in Kashmir and the North East) that have occurred under Congress? None of us really believe Congress has a monopoly on corruption, anti-poor economics, opportunistic communalism, and abuses of human rights - but can supporters of the left, AAP, or anti-communal regional parties bring themselves to attack this slogan? One reply goes: "we agree it is time for Congress to go, but the BJP is worse - more communal, more corrupt, more abusive of state power... we dislike the BJP even more". In this reply, we don't question the attack on secular democracy embedded in the slogan - we have to reply with the question to the BJP: "What does your Congress mukt Bharat look like? Break it down for us - explain your utopia". They are not keen to share the details of their ugly vision and how they will achieve it.