Some questions

Will Amit Shah have all his cases (murder, extortion, kidnapping) dropped? Can Modi's right hand man really end in jail?
Will D. G. Vanzara, encounter killing specialist in jail since 2007, be released? He named Modi and Shah as his masters, and phone records showed close contact with Shah. But he has been silent for a while - could a deal be made?

On getting away with it

March 26, 2003 is an important date on the way to this moment - where we could be on the edge of Modi-raj. On that day, a certain senior BJP politician was assassinated. We don't know who killed him - 12 people were framed for his murder but all later acquitted by the courts. We don't know why he was killed. We don't even know what time he was killed, or where he was killed. The politician was Haren Pandya, a name rarely mentioned these days.


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