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Modi, the RSS, and justice

Two videos worth watching. (1) (August 2011, some RSS youtube channel). Modi speaks to an RSS gathering (Mohan Bhagwat in the background) about his admiration for the RSS. He applauds how ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they single-mindedly pursue the RSS goal over decades. (2) (May 2012) Former Supreme Court judge Justice PB Sawant speaking on NDTV about why Modi should be tried, given the overwhelming evidence of his role in the Gujarat 2002 violence.

Mukul Rohatgi: the new attorney-general of India

The new attorney-general of India is Mukul Rohatgi. This means that he is now the government's chief legal advisor and its primary lawyer in the Supreme Court. This appointment shows how rapidly democracy is being undermined. Rohtagi...
- charges an estimated Rs. 5 lakh per appearance
- is a close aide of Arun Jaitley

Asaram Bapu latest

Asaram Bapu is the godman close to many senior BJP-RSS leaders, and facing charges of sexually assaulting multiple women and children. In the past, witnesses against him have been attacked with acid ( Yestersday a very important witness against Asaram was shot at (

Some questions

Will Amit Shah have all his cases (murder, extortion, kidnapping) dropped? Can Modi's right hand man really end in jail?
Will D. G. Vanzara, encounter killing specialist in jail since 2007, be released? He named Modi and Shah as his masters, and phone records showed close contact with Shah. But he has been silent for a while - could a deal be made?

On getting away with it

March 26, 2003 is an important date on the way to this moment - where we could be on the edge of Modi-raj. On that day, a certain senior BJP politician was assassinated. We don't know who killed him - 12 people were framed for his murder but all later acquitted by the courts. We don't know why he was killed. We don't even know what time he was killed, or where he was killed. The politician was Haren Pandya, a name rarely mentioned these days.

Some quotes from the cabinet-in-waiting

Modi talking to a Muslim journalist: "Your mouths are watering these days at the prospect of creating a Muslim-majority nation in the name of Akhand Bharat. And getting all Muslims together, with the Indian Muslims at their head, to create strife. Isn't this a dream of yours?"

Why has there been this flood of "intellectuals" jumping on the Modi bandwagon?

Reading their awkward apologies for Modi, one realises how cleverly the BJP has given liberals with communal/right-wing/power-hungry leanings a bridge to cross over to their side. We know the Parivar is patient - they follow a strategy of "spread the seeds and wait". Put your core ideas out there - let them travel far beyond your normal support-base, move the whole political discourse to the right, and wait... and reap the rewards. As they are doing now. Their reletless communalisation of society is the most obvious example of this strategy. But let's take two other favourites.

Is there still a Modi wave?

First the YES vote. Still many ground-level reports of adoring crowds gathering for Modi. "Big names" still jumping on the bandwagon: MJ Akbar, Andre Beteille, Swami Agnivesh and so many more. Hugely positive coverage of Modi in the media - journalists listening to him awestruck, flattered to be getting the great one's attention, unable to ruin the moment with difficult questions. Censorship of critical voices.

The BJP and dalits

Several stories recently. The Navsarjan trust revealed that the Gujarat BJP government are not spending money allocated for dalit welfare: in Gujarat "over the last decade nearly Rs 3,689 crore of funds for targeted programmes to uplift dalits and economically and socially backward classes, went unutilized". Meanwhile in UP the BJP is spreading the communal lie that "Ambedkar disliked Muslims" in an attempt to break Dalit-Muslim electoral alliances.

Modi-bhakts and NRIs

Some days back TOI carried a piece on US-based NRIs raising money for Modi, and campaigning for Modi. (


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