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Is the Narendra Modi government the most corrupt in India's history?

To answer this question we first need to define "corruption". Definitions of corruption can be more or less broad. The Merriam-Webster definition is perhaps the broadest: "dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people"[1].

What does acche din mean?

[The recent verdict of the Supreme Court in the Ayodhya title dispute case can be regarded as a rather extreme instance of "acche din" (अच्छे दिन) for the forces of Hindu nationalism. It brings closer a long-standing commitment of the RSS and its various offshoots to build a Ram temple on the site of the destroyed Babri Mosque. The phrase "acche din" has come to be used mainly by the opponents of Narendra Modi, and is now used in a variety of ways.

Thoughts on the Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya dispute

Today, the supreme court awarded the land on which Babri Masjid once stood to the Hindu parties in the dispute - essentially to the VHP - the key player in the destruction of the ancient Mosque. With his characteristic eloquence Narendra Modi referred to the verdict as "a new dawn for us".

A few things about history you should quickly learn...

The RSS played a glorious role in the freedom struggle. This struggle was finally successful on Independence Day - May 16th 2014 - when India was freed after 1,200 years of slavery. Now we are free we realise that development = big statues. When the Rs 2,500 crore statue of Sardar Patel is built, we will finally be the most developed nation in the world. [1,2,3,4,5,6]

The caste system worked well until stupid Marxists with "no respect for the ancient systems and philosophy" decided to misinterpret it. In ancient times there was "no complaint from any quarters" against it. Caste is meant "for the material and human resource management of a civilized society". [7]

The Vedas contain descriptions of many scientific and technological wonders, and the basis for modern mathematics. The Rig Veda includes a calculation of the speed of light. There were aircraft and even nuclear wars in ancient India. The Ramayana and the Mahabharata are true accounts of the periods in which they were written. [8,9,10,11,12]

Saffronizing the legal system

Newly appointed Supreme Court judge Adarsh Goel seems to be a long-standing RSS man. No mainstream paper has carried this fact, but he used to be general secretary of the Sangh's legal front organisation "Akhil Bharatiya Adhivakta Parishad" (ABAP), founded in 1992 "to work constantly for the improvement and evolution of a judicial system which is in harmony with the genius of the nation and in consonance with Bharatiya traditions, values and sense of justice and to make the justice delivery system more efficient." ( It appears Goel also represented the Govt of Delhi in cases related to the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom (

Report of Sadbhavana Padyatra in Pune on 15th June, 2014

A sadbhavana padyatra or march from Gadital to Gandhi chowk took place in Pune on 15th June to show solidarity with Mohsin Shaikh who was lynched to death by miscreants of Hindu Rashtra Sena earlier this month. The march got a strong response with around 1000 people being present for the march. This march was organized by Rashtriya Ekatmata Samiti which is headed by Baba Addav. Activists and youth walked the distance holding banners and posters saying ‘We are Indians and we are proud of it’, ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Modi, the RSS, and justice

Two videos worth watching. (1) (August 2011, some RSS youtube channel). Modi speaks to an RSS gathering (Mohan Bhagwat in the background) about his admiration for the RSS. He applauds how ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they single-mindedly pursue the RSS goal over decades. (2) (May 2012) Former Supreme Court judge Justice PB Sawant speaking on NDTV about why Modi should be tried, given the overwhelming evidence of his role in the Gujarat 2002 violence.

Mukul Rohatgi: the new attorney-general of India

The new attorney-general of India is Mukul Rohatgi. This means that he is now the government's chief legal advisor and its primary lawyer in the Supreme Court. This appointment shows how rapidly democracy is being undermined. Rohtagi...
- charges an estimated Rs. 5 lakh per appearance
- is a close aide of Arun Jaitley

Asaram Bapu latest

Asaram Bapu is the godman close to many senior BJP-RSS leaders, and facing charges of sexually assaulting multiple women and children. In the past, witnesses against him have been attacked with acid ( Yestersday a very important witness against Asaram was shot at (

Some questions

Will Amit Shah have all his cases (murder, extortion, kidnapping) dropped? Can Modi's right hand man really end in jail?
Will D. G. Vanzara, encounter killing specialist in jail since 2007, be released? He named Modi and Shah as his masters, and phone records showed close contact with Shah. But he has been silent for a while - could a deal be made?


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