Is it important for the public to know that a newly promoted civil servant may have been involved in covering up a murder?

When G. C. Murmu was appointed lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir, most news outlets covered the story, and many carried short biographies of Murmu. His IPS batch, his "reputation for industriousness" and that he was close to Narendra Modi. Very few mentioned an audio recording in which he allegedly discusses obstructing the investigation into the murder of Ishrat Jahan and others. This audio recording, obtained by IPS officer G.L. Singhal, is part of an ongoing CBI investigation.

We had a look at 43 pieces about Murmu subsequent to his J&K appointment - all the major online news outlets in English and Hindi we could find. Amongst the English outlets, only The Wire, quoting extensively from a Business Standard article of 2018, the Free Press Journal, and Yahoo news discussed Murmu's controversial past. Amongst the Hindi outlets, only Jansatta and The Print carried any mention of his past. The rest carried only the official line.

Perhaps, in Modi's India where one-time triple-murder-accused Amit Shah is the minister of home affairs, the promotion of a senior bureaucrat accused of covering up a murder is minor news. Or maybe in the new India a good civil servant is one who follows his political masters' orders regardless the law.

Ishrat Jahan's family, who have never seen any justice for their daughter, might disagree.